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  • Arabian Gulf Oil Company is an oil company totally owned by NOC. Its headquarter is in Benghazi, and it is a leading company in the field of exploration & production of oil & natural gas operations & refining, transportation, storage, and processing.
  • Located in Tubrok city, it has two jetties for shipping crude oil from Sarir and Messla oil fields.
  • Sarir oil field is the largest of the company's fields. Its has production capacity of more than 250,000 barrels per day. the first well was discovered in Sarir field 1961.
  • Discovered in 1963 located 500km south east of Benghazi city with production rate reaches
  • Production reaches around 10,000 barrels per day, all its production is pumped to Elzawiya refinery.
  • Alsahabi oil field production is up to about 1,000 barrels/day, and pumped to Zueitina port through Alentisar oil field of Zueitina company.
  • Average production reaches 12,000 barrels per day, pumps its production through a 24 inch diameter pipeline and then a 30 inch diameter pipeline to Ras Lanuf oil terminal for export.
  • Entered production in 1989 designed with a refinery capacity of 10,000 barrels per day, produces, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and others.
  • Nafoora field is located between Awjilah and Jikharra,Oases and its production is about 70,000 barrels/day. It is exported through Ras Lanuf and Zueitina ports.
  • The masjid of the company is located in the Headquarters. It was opened in 1992 with two floors and gorgeous geometric design.


العطاءات الفرعية إنجليزي

العطاءات الفرعية إنجليزي

  Main Tenders Committee   BOOKlET PRICELOCATIONPROJECT TITLE.BID NO Supply and replace of the existing (10 Ton) crane at Nafoora Oil Field        

إقرأ المزيد

العطاءات الرئيسية إنجليزي

العطاءات الرئيسية إنجليزي

  Main Tenders Committee   BOOKlET PRICELOCATIONPROJECT TITLE.BID NO   Sarir oil field Study for water disposal and injection system for the Sarir oil field – Project No K-10 mpc-...

إقرأ المزيد

On 31/03/2017, AGOCO has launched the operations of a new gathering station lined to Messla field where 5 news wells of about 9000 barrels of crude oil a day per day were opened on production.

This reservoir of these wells which is located on the north side of Sarir field, adjacent to southern edge of Messla field in south-east of Sirte basin, was discovered in 1993 after drilling well no. (VV1-65). The production of this reservoir is expected to continue for more than 45 years.

This station is standalone and does not depend on the electric power of Messla field, where solar energy technology is used to provide electricity to operate chemicals injection system and a central system of cathodic protection which was designed to reduce the effort and time in monitoring protection performance from wellhead to the point of connection to Messla field link, this is in addition to the multi-flow meter system and, which is one of the latest technologies in the measurement used for the first time in Libya, where contribute to conduct production tests of the wells without the need for traditional facilities used in this regard, in addition to being Eco-friendly equipment.

AGOCO is showing its gratitude and appreciation to all those involved in the implementation of this project and singled out Ferrostaal company, Germany, which carried out installations of surface facilities in difficult circumstances after resumed its operations at the end of 2015. 

MAN TURBO has pledged to prepare an integrated work plan to resume its work in AGOCO’s fields as soon as possible during the visit of the Management Committee Chairman,

Mr. Mohammed Ben Shtwan visited to MAN Turbo headquarters in Switzerland on Monday, 2017/04/04 to discuss Man Turbo returns to work in SARIR and Nafoora fields to complete power generators units’ maintenance programs.

During the visit, the Chairman reviewed the maintenance works for generators’ rotating axes at Nafoora field in Man Turbo workshops, This work is expected to be completed in near future (from three months to four months).

AGOCO’s efforts to encourage international companies to resume their activities in AGOCO fields to increase production and achieve objectives LED these companies to start its activities after undergone thorough security situation assessment procedures in region, which was positive and encouraging for resumption.

Arabian Gulf Oil Company is the first company in Libya to resume its operations using international companies’ services such as Schlumberger, which after 3 years of work suspension in Libya had completed successfully the first RST logging job on well No. (C 209-65) in 11/04/2017


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    Staff Union is the means that delivers staff's voice and expresses all isuesses and difficulties faced by so that they can search or find solutions to these problems. Also, all activities and meetings carried out are presented through the Union, and making all the decisions and minutes of meetings on a regular basis, as well as all correspondence to the Management Committee at both the fields or the entire company.

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    Health insurance is an agreement between two parties in which the first party shall bear the expenses incurred on the treatment services provided by the second party (the individual was or group) for a fixed amount to be paid one sentence or in the form of premiums and the health insurance mainly Al concept of expected danger that the individual might face making distribution leads to ease the burdens and costs involved when treating medical conditions suffered by the insured.

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    Union user is the first foundation in the delivery of the user's voice and see all the problems and difficulties faced by so that we can search or find solutions to these problems. Also done through the Union View all activities and meetings carried out by the General Union, as well as display all the decisions and minutes of meetings on a regular basis, as well as all correspondence to the Management Committee at both the fields or the entire company. 

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