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For any inquiries, please, contact the main tender committee secretariat on the following address:

The Main Tender Committee–Office No. (4)-New building- The    Company's main headquarter - Alkiesh- Benghazi – Libya -

Fax No.:218-61-2229006/ +218612240578

Tel. No.: 218-061—2228931-44 –Ext.: 3883 and 5250

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                             Main Tenders Committee


Engineering study for E.S.P monitoring and control system for Sarir, Messla and Majid Oil fields MTC-34/2022
Development & modernization of metering device and tank level gauging system at Tobruk refinery Projecy No-P58 MTC-33/2022
Refurbishment of four (4) desalters at GC-1 MTC-29/2022
12 KV metal encloused switchgear and overhead transmission line network at NC-4 station (A) MTC-28/2022
Supply & installation of replacement crude oil Tank-D-700 at GOSP-7, Nafoora field Project No-K-05 MTC-25/2022
3D Seismic data acquisition area 57 MTC-22/2022



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