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A Deserved Tribute To a Worthy Man


A well deserved tribute to a worthy man... Mr. Fazlallah, even the chairman of the company's management committee, in his name and on behalf of the members of the management committee and all the users in all fields and sites, congratulates and congratulates Mr. Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, Engineer / Mustafa Abdullah Madeallah. On the occasion of being named by US Secretary of State (Belinken) a hero in the fight against corruption in Libya presented by US President Biden's administration It is a well deserved tribute to a person who has maintained the continuation of work in the oil and gas sector in very difficult circumstances, holding on to the right of Libyans to enjoy the only source of income with transparency that is difficult to achieve, even in normal circumstances, resisting corruption of all kinds. With all the strength and courage.... The company of board members of the National Oil Corporation managed to conduct productive operations in all fields and oil facilities, achieve the desired targets, and work to raise the production rates and develop the discovered fields despite the scarcity of financial resources and Innovative chokes to fight the sector. We are proud of this honor and consider it a tribute to all workers in the sector and the fruitfulness of their efforts and work in difficult and complex circumstances The rational leadership of the sector and the cohesion of its workers... achieved excellence in work and fighting corruption and deviation. Adherence to principles and bias of right paved the way for transparency

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