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For any inquiries, please, contact the main tender committee secretariat on the following address:

The Main Tender Committee–Office No. (4)-New building- The    Company's main headquarter - Alkiesh- Benghazi – Libya -

Fax No.:218-61-2229006/ +218612240578

Tel. No.: 218-061—2228931-44 –Ext.: 3883

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                             Main Tenders Committee


Tie-in of Gas flow line for well AA-5 At NC-8, Hamada Field MTC-21/2019
Supply and installation of new HVAC system for replacement of existing system at AGOCO offices in Benghazi MTC-19/2019
ESP Monitoring and control system for Messla/Sarir Oil production wells Project No. K-48 MTC-14/2019
Water Injection system at (Kotla) Beda field Project No. O-77 MTC-13/2019
Upgrade of oil metering system at Tobruk Terminal- Project No: K-62 MTC-44/2019
Replacement and upgrading of PLC system at Tobruk Terminal- Project No: O-17 MTC-43/2019
Supply and installation of new substation at Nafoora field project No: J-90 MTC-31/2019
Extension of GC-4 Control room (Sarir Field) project No: I-61 MTC-28/2019
Construction of a central nor facilities at Messla oil field MTC-26/2019
Study of water disposal & injection system at Beda field GS-1, GS-2, & GS-3 MTC-24/2019
Supply (15) complete electrical submersible pumping units(ESP) MTC-36/2019
Replacement and supply new of two Desalters at GC-1, Sarir oil field project No: P-24 MTC-27/2019
Construction of a new well head workshop at Nafoora oil field- Project No: P-62 MTC-42/2019
Engineering study for rehabilitation of field instrumentation and control system (Tobruk and Sarir refineries)- Project No: O-76 MTC-41/2019
Installation of new diesel fuel supply system for the two (2) new turbine sets at GC-1 Sarir- Project No: L-63 MTC-40/2019
Replacement of two wet gas compressors at crude unit Tobruk refinery- Project No: P-27 MTC-39/2019
For construction of main Adinistration building At Al-Hariga terminal, Tobruk- Project No: P-50 MTC-38/2019
Supply and installation of one (1) stand-by 1st stage compressor and one (1) stand-by 2nd stage compressor at sarir GTP Project No: K-98 MTC-37/2019
Replace transformers for CP’s and oil wells at GOSP5 & GOSP6, Nafoora field MTC-35/2019
Refurbishment of tank 803 at Tobruk Refinery MTC-34/2019
Lighting of industrial gathering centres At Nafoora Oil field project No: P-08 MTC-33/2019




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